Passenger Experience

Bypassing “The Waiting Place”


Last year over five billion people travelled by air. Each one of these people arrived at the airport and made their way through the necessary stages of waiting; check-in, security, customs, boarding. On average, each passenger will have spent 42 minutes doing nothing but waiting. Not eating or reading or relaxing, just waiting. Have you ever wondered what travel would be like if you could bypass all that waiting?

If we can reduce the average wait time from 42 minutes down to 39 minutes, reduce it by a seemingly insignificant 3 minutes, we would have saved travellers worldwide about 28,000 years  – last year alone. The insignificant becomes significant … figuring out exactly how to do this is the focus of my work: the themes of which I will be sharing with you in this blog.

The above is an excerpt from AIRPORTS – WHERE YOU GO TO WAIT, The Science Show on ABC


2 thoughts on “Bypassing “The Waiting Place”

  1. Dan Wong says:

    Airport operators and concessionaires are hoping that you’d spend the 3 minutes eating and/or shopping in the airport terminals (that are looking more and more like your typical shopping mall). However, I believe that air travelers would appreciate more spaces in which they can be relieved, alebit briefly, from all of the stresses involved with air travel.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Dan! There is certainly a prevailing industry assumption that increased passenger time at the airport will result in increased passenger spend. In practice however, the relationship between passengers, time and revenue is more complicated. Look for my post next week on this topic 🙂

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