Get Involved

If you would like to contribute a post to this blog, please get in touch with me at  As a general guide, it helps if posts are around 300 words in length and focus on one clear idea.

Recent talks and presentations…

  • 7 Easy UX secrets that every mobile developer will want to know, YOW!Connected, Melbourne Australia
  • The importance of vision, BizSpark Start-Up Forum, Brisbane Australia
  • Deconstructing Expected Passenger Experience in Airports
    DRS2014, Umeå, Sweden, June 2014
  • The Future Passenger Experience: A Shift from Physical to Virtual Design
    KEER2014, Linköping, Sweden, June 2014
  • Workshop: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps)
    QUT, Brisbane, April and November 2014
  • Seminar: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps)
    ORACLE Labs, Brisbane, February 2014
  • Airport IT forecast: Cloudy with a chance of data
    Aviation IT, London, November 2013
  • Experience design principles for passenger terminals
    SDT, Florida, November 2013
  • Towards designing the passenger experience
    IGNITE!, Brisbane, October 2013
  • A Kansei approach to passenger terminal design
    IASDR, Tokyo, August 2013
  • Bigger is not better: A new approach to terminal design
    PTE, Geneva, April 2013
  • Challenges in passenger terminal design: A conceptual model of passenger experience
    DRS, Bangkok, July 2012

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